I have always been fascinated with boxes.  Over the years before I began making them I thought about this attraction.  Boxes in their pure form are just containers, an enclosed protected space to store something from loss or damage.  I found myself collecting some boxes just for what they are and how they look.  Many times they sit there empty; I don't have any explanation for this other than I have a box fetish of sorts. 


Most of us have an affinity for boxes; we spend most of our lives in one.  After all what is a house or an office, an assembly of boxes within a larger box, don't you think?  So most of us come about this attraction quite naturally as we find in our home a place of security and repose, and a box emulates this.  A beautiful well crafted box gives us this same sense, yet it is portable, and can provide aesthetic pleasure and that same sense of security for generations to come.

I hope my designs please your senses and you would like to display one in your home.  Or maybe you have a special item that needs a secure and beautiful space to rest in.  If you don’t see a box style, type of wood or size that would work for you, contact me and we can work on a custom design together that suits your needs.

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