The National Council for Diversity in Health Professions (NCDHP)

The National Council for Diversity in Health Professions (NCDHP) was incorporated to provide collaborative leadership in creating educational and institutional models and policy for promoting diversity in the health professions and improving the health of disadvantaged populations. The mission of NCDHP is to stabilize and strengthen health professions diversity nationwide through a collective voice with the ultimate goal of addressing the long-term health care and health professional needs of minority and underserved communities.

The Council comprises, at its core, current and former institutions with Centers of Excellence (COEs) and Health Careers Opportunity Programs (HCOPs) funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration under Title VII. NCDHP is dedicated to promoting the education and training of a workforce that is prepared to provide quality, culturally responsive health care to the diverse US population. NCDHP includes members from across the nation who are actively involved in health professions education and training, the development of educational pipeline programs for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and the delivery of health care to the underserved.