Due to the “irregular patters in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and significant disruptions of the normal sleep/wake cycle,” it is critical that these problems associated with narcolepsy are addressed immediately. Present technology offers narcoleptics with medication to better control their abnormal sleeping habits. However, many individuals who suffer from this sleep related disorder continue to experience drowsy periods even when taking proper prescriptions. In order to address the still prevalent sleeping issues, we propose that a new – and different – angle be explored to prevent narcoleptics from experiencing daytime sleepiness during “critical awareness moments,” such as when at school, work, or during the operation of heavy machinery.
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The Brains Behind the Creation 

T.A.M.S. Incorporated, the company behind "The Narco-Ring for Narcoleptics," specializes in the creation of products to assist those individuals suffering from the sleep related disorder referred to as narcolepsy; it offers narcoleptics the opportunity to address their body's likilhood of entering states of drowsiness without taking additional medication.
The Narco-Ring has been readily welcomed
in the Medical World.
Television Personality & Medical Professional, Dr. Oz, encourages narcoleptic patients to consider the "Narco-Ring" to address
 their sleeping disorder.

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