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Maitreya Is Suffering Yet Enlightening

The Maitreya

Maitreya Is Suffering Yet Enlightening
by Charles E S Fairey 

The Maitreya I was once constantly called 
By those that knew me, infinitely adored, 
Upon my Christening at The Holy Cross 
Where even Canute had forded the Foss, 
My Godfather gave me a Silver Statue of Buddha 
And since then, ascended as his Sacred Brother. 

The Maitreya I was once constantly known 
But I stayed on earth, not taking mine throne, 
For I have achieved the Great Work, Nirvana 
Through my ancient Seven Days Wonder, 
But delayed my flight, for others to understand: 
That Great Knowledge flows from mine eternal land 
And Great Compassion from mine heavenly Chand, 
And a Great Light burns upon mine left hand 
Yet within mine right, grains of infinite sand; 
For those who have suffered like me, I Wait 
For only a Bodhisattva may change their Fate; 
For The Maitreya Is Suffering in a World of Hate, 
And haters not following the True Light of Buddha 
Shall be consumed by mine twin crowned brother 
For mine heavenly fire a'top mine head is a fiery lover; 
But for those who bathe within the Sacred Left, Enlightening 
For mine wisdom, love and teaching, is infinite and unceasing; 
And Good Dharma shall be their prize, and not Bad Karma 
For all who Truly follow me, their gift shall be Infinite Nirvana, 
So with Compassion see the World with Wisdom, Soma Forever constantly Flowing 
And like the Eternal Lotus let the Flower within your Heart, never stop Growing.