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by Charles E S Fairey

Ghosts floating across floors
Walking through the walls,
Ghouls knocking on ancient doors,
The blood curdling, wailing calls.

Watching, Haunting, Wondering why,
Human once, but with death they lie,
The creeping terror, but don’t be afraid
Of the ghostly Lord, Lady, and Maid.

The howling of the Wind,
The creaking of a door,
The terrifying human form divine,
Here and now, forevermore.
"Since the dawn of time, all civilisations have believed in ghosts and the supernatural, in some form or other. These are ancient mysteries and to dismiss them is to deny ourselves that arcane knowledge of the past, that has ultimately fashioned our lives, for wherever we may stand, and no matter which particular landscape of this planet. Beneath our feet are the many layers of these previous civilisations, which have left their invericable mark, not only on the physical landscape, but on our subconscious too." - Sir Simon Marsden, 'The Twilight Hour: Visions of Ireland's Haunted Past' (Ghosthunting Author & Photographer)
"It is known that we have two sensory systems, one conscious and the other unconscious, and that the unconscious processes information faster and more accurately. This system is known as our sixth sense, and is tuned into the Spiritual World. We have quite deliberately suppressed these powers, as they are of little use in our highly mechanised modern day world, but we all posses remnants of this inherent intellect and can reactivate it if we desire." - Sir Simon Marsden, 'The Twilight Hour: Visions of Ireland's Haunted Past' (Ghosthunting Author & Photographer)
Simon Marsden - Ghosthunting Photographer