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Baphomet And The High Altar

Baphomet And The High Altar
by Charles E S Fairey

Baphomet upon His Magical Throne
Thy Sacred Altar where He sits alone,
The peaceful essence all around
Upon His Head sun rays crowned.

Incense burning to His Side
Upon The Altar fairies ride,
Elves and his faithful driads dance
About this place of Nature’s romance.

Where Great Magicians leapt
To the Gods where knowledge kept,
The Secret of Thy Sacred Being
Baphomet’s veiled Eyes now All Seeing.

The Twin Pillars at its entrance
Here I sit conjuring induced trance,
To commune within Spirit Realm
Baphomet upon his Altar helm.

Here My Mind feels at peace
Where energies of spirits never cease,
The ether very thin Heaven above
This place home to His Pagans Love.

Here now and evermore, though many haven’t met
The Majestic Lord of All, Baphomet,
The High Altar, The Sun and His Horns
Where dreams and heavens are born,
And evil spirits let,
For here I Live,
Your Baphomet.