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The Nine Ladies

The Nine Ladies
by Michael C Oakes

What is this circle of stone
Was it made in pre history
To most the truth is not known
Let me now unravel this mystery

For here is the answer to their riddle
Nine witches were dancing on a sabbath day
To the devil playing his fiddle
They were cursed and there they will stay

For the devils music encircled the ring
Of the ladies of flesh and bone
That was the end of their dancing
For they were all turned to stone

Come here in the day and you will see
Nine sisters and their stone king
With symbols hanging from a tree
And a stone with spiral carving

Come here at night and you will see
Around the circle a dark figure lurks
The devil with his face full of glee
Come to admire his evil works
The Nine Ladies is a Stone Circle, dating from the Bronze Age.
The Circle is located on Stanton Moor, in Derbyshire. 
There are nine surviving stones in the circle, but originally there may have been ten or eleven. There is a small stone lying forty metres away from the circle,
which is called the 'King Stone'.

The Bronze Age burial site has been considered haunted for centuries,
and locals make a point of staying away after dark. The apparition of an unidentified man dressed all in black is seen standing just outside the stone circle.
According to legend, the nine stones are witches caught dancing on the Sabbath to the sounds of the Devil's fiddle playing. In this view, the man in black is the Devil admiring his handiwork.
 The Nine Ladies in Photos