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The Wanderer Of The Stars

The Wanderer Of The Stars
by Charles E S Fairey

The Wanderer Of The Stars
In the TARDIS he comes and goes
From start to end as all time flows,
Fighting evil beings across infinite space
Each time not knowing what he shall face. 

  The Wanderer Of Time
Forth and back and beyond he goes
All knowledge his alien mind knows,
With friends he travels the infinite skies
In his blue box through time flies. 

  The Wanderer Of The Stars
Fighting unknown enemies new to mind
Some a lethal threat to humankind,
Other infamous aliens to see again cursed
The Daleks and Cybermen the worst. 

  The Wanderer Of Time
Traversing dimensions at infinite speed
Answering those beings in their time of need,
Helping the whole world future and past
Every adventure more exciting than the last. 

  The Wanderer Of The Stars
The one of two survivors of the War of Time
With the stars he will forever shine,
Enemies and sidekicks come and go
As the light and time carry on to flow,
His schizophrenic double ‘The Master’,
The Two Time Lords battling forever. 

  The Wanderer Of Time
His trick of immortal being
The TARDIS its heart all seeing,
Fabulous places he has been
Desolate and demonic worlds he has seen,
The Wanderer Of The Stars,
The Doctor is his Name.
Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh