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The Raven

The Raven
by Charles E S Fairey

What Omen do you bring
What croak do you sing,
You flew to see me, I am here
I know death is close, I do not fear,
Raven what do you sing
And what ill omen do you bring.

Your black ebony plumage
And dark brown prophetical eye,
Your vocabulary and call
Your omens that never lie.

Your intelligence and play
Your love of the Forest place,
And your long life span
And inquisitive stare and face.

Your mimicking nature and large brain
Stealing your enemies cache of food,
The shiny objects you collect
And your relationship and brood.

You a bird of mythological story
Ghosts of murderers and the damned,
Ill omens of people near death
Their smell and dying hand.

Odin’s friends Hugin and Munin
There you sat upon each shoulder,
You saw and heard all and reported back
Thought and memory as God grew older.

Upon the battlefield you cast an eye
Morrigan your Goddess of War,
The dead and dying left for you
Feast upon their carcasses caw.

Bran The Blessed your king
Protector of the Isle of the Almighty,
His prophetic head at Tower Hill
Now kept with your wings un-flighty.

You are God’s provision
You Fed the prophet Elijah in his time of need,
The first bird released from Noah’s Ark
The protector of the dark, and Damien, the Devil’s seed.

You are a messenger
A bird of Wisdom and Prophecy,
King Arthur after life’s end
The deeds your eyes do see.

The healer, Mercury himself
The Mithras Cult of Roman legions,
The bird of Dark Winter
The Wolf’s hero where he regions.

The shape of shaman, deity and spirit
The carcasses left by the Ravenous Wolf,
The scourging of the bodies of the slain
Tell the eagle how you fared in poem Beowulf.

Your destructive powers of darkness
Have many people feared to be born,
Witches and the Devil may take your shape
Your ill omens, the forsaken, the lorn.

The Chooser of the slain
The Protector of Warriors,
Totem of Morgan le Fay
The bird of all Sorrows.

The families of the dead
Revere your great prowess,
Morgan le Fay the Queen of Dark Fairies
Dark tricksters who care less.

A Seer’s Supernatural Power
The Banshee and his scream,
Llud the Solar King tending his needs
The Wisdom of your familiar dream.

Your second sight and dark cowl
Your Omen of one’s demise,
Performing the duties of the Grim
With the Valkyries you flies.

Laughing call to the near dead
Doom you sing and death you bring,
The magic of the unknown
The mythological bird the Dark King.

A bird of mystery and the unknown
Death, transformation and creation,
Healing, wisdom and prophecy
The greatest totem of protection.

A Symbol of the Sun
The Symbol of the Dark Moon,
The Protector of the Western Isles
Our Guide An Omen of Doom.

What Wisdom do you bring
What croak do you sing,
You flew to see me, I am here
I know magic is close, I do not fear,
Raven what do you sing
And what prophecy do you bring.