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Science Has Become Sacred?

Science Has Become Sacred?
By Charles E S Fairey

See the beauty of Creation and existence
Undo it with the knowledge of science,
From the love of all things beautiful
To the infinite of the quantum particle.

Where is the love in the infinity of science
To the mystery of the supernatural and existence,
To un-condition oneself from the mystery
And know all and what makes God history.

The mystery of the infinite particles within
Within the atom like a world of Him,
Changing the beauty to the mathematics of a black board
From the Lord and His Creation we all adored.

God taken apart just to understand his design
To the Devil, Man above God, signed,
The beauty of the soul de-constructed
Like Hitler’s scientists and humanity fucked it.

The beauty of the universe seen and calculated
All the Creation with physics symbols indicated,
Yet still the time before the fiats of creation
Not yet known the scientists still without elation.

The cycles of creation flashing without time
Until the final eruption the World starts to shine,
Exploding then imploding
Till the eruption sent universe ascending.

Till the time the answer is science
And against the mystery sheer defiance,
The world without its host helm
Against God a humanist realm.

Without the mystery the world no love to learn
With the stars the beauty would burn,
A world of mystery burnt to a cinder
God no more would need his creation finger,
As man overtakes the spiritual realm
And man sits at the hand of fates helm,
Yet without understanding what was here before
No longer constrained by the Grimm’s door,
Chaos would ensue a world of satans
And of scientists creation infatuations,
Man bearing the helm of heaven
A world of mad scientist’s oblivion,
Hitler’s evil criminal plans won
The world of veiled mystery undone,
The world with dark mankind
Even Satan within no home to find,
For science has become sacred
And God is unclothed and naked.