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One Lord One Dream

One Lord, One Dream
by Charles E S Fairey 

One smoke, one toke,
One death, one life, mean?
One time, one crime,
One lord, one dream, seen? 

  God knows, Death knows,
My name written in the Book,
He tokes and then blows,
Thinking of the life he just took. 

  Look about and around
One lord, one time,
Can you hear that angelic sound,
Did you see that great sign? 

  One time, one crime,
Are you worth one nickel and dime,
If so stand in that line
And see if you are his or mine. 

  Name of names
And song of songs
Light up the flames
And listen for the tongues. 

  One lord, one time,
One dream, one crime,
You’re the next in line
And with that herb you’ll feel fine.