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O' Jack, Where Art Thou

O' Jack, Where Art Thou
by Charles E S Fairey

O' Jack, Where Art Thou
We so need thee now
Your Wisdom and know-how
To thee we lovingly bow 

O' Lucifer, Our Lord
Without you I'm bored
I so miss your loud crowd like hoard
And the hammer of vanity self assured 

Ol' Devil, Where Art Thou
Tell me of the here and now
Your was, is, and yet to me endow 
Your secrets within mine heart I vow 

O' Mephistopheles, I believe
Yet to some you only ever deceive
Let us entwine like Adam and Eve
And the Great Work together achieve 

O' Baphomet, Where Art Thou
Seal your Wisdom upon my brow 
The inner workings and know-how
The ecstasy of the Supreme, so wow! 

Ol' Demogorgon, upon thee we gorge
Our weapons for war we love to forge
O' Fenrir, we chase you across the sky
To catch both Devil and Most High
Ol' Leviathan, and Serpent Jörmungandr
Is Ragnarok ever so present, and yet so near
O' Christ, Our Morning Star
Is Revelation begun, yet so far
O' Puck, O' Scratch, O' Pan 
Am I the Lord in the Land? 

O' Jack, Where Art Thou
Am I now to Myself to Bow 
For I learned of all you ever are
Self painted with the darkest tar
For I came and went
Yet back again was sent
From Crown of Thorn
Then to Bush adorn
Yet I await upon Light of Morn
For the Coming of thy Golden Dawn,
But, O' Jack, Where Art Thou
Yet I know who thee are now
Old Goat, I'll glaringly gloat
For now my boat doth ever float
And I'll write what He won't wrote!