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The Phantom of Felines

The Phantom Of Felines
(Thanks to DaRk ArT.)

The Phantom Of Felines
by Charles E S Fairey

The Phantom of Felines
Upon the skulls of man he dines, 
The mountain of infinite bone
Is his moonlit seat and throne, 
Some say he has been existent immemorial
Even shifted death from his mortal coil, 
Some saw his figure on Golgotha
And his trail from Sodom and Gomorrah, 
Some feel his weight at the last breath
And some see him as an omen of imminent death, 
Some say he has walked before time had sand
And that he is the darkness that envelopes the land, 
Some say he has disciples in the homes of mankind
And that he even loves in kind some people he finds,
But those who rudely cross his path
Will ultimately feel his immortal wrath, 
For he is no ordinary feline that's for sure
He has hypnotic eyes that glowingly lure, 
He has talons as sharp as prehistoric flint
And a vocabulary at which we can only hint, 
He has wings like a bat or dragon
And teeth like a vampire daemon, 
His ears hear every moment of sound
His tail dances along the dusty ground,
He feels with his dark black whiskers
He often warns with shriek like whispers,
He smells the damned folks blood
And struts his shiny fur clad hood, 
He loves to play with his prey
And seldom is seen within the day, 
He loves to purr when satisfied
And is often seen with many a bride, 
He loves to add members to his breed
And often will make the unwelcome bleed, 
He dines usually alone atop his throne
But sometimes is seen with ancient crone, 
Or often on hallowed ground yowling at the dead
No one knows what he means or what he said, 
He roams the paths only fools dare tread
But lures the damned with wine and bread, 
For many centuries he's watched them through doorways prance
Whilst upon graves him and his brides in sheer ecstasy dance, 
How fanciful he finds our thought
And the impossible dream some sought, 
He loves to prowl upon the passerby
Only then do they cry and surely die, 
For he is The Phantom of Felines
And tonight he is going to dine, 
Upon those not of his kin
But those in mankind who reek of unresolved sin, 
For he is the Phantom that watches from the bones
And tonight watch out because he roams!!!

Stray Cats at Pott Shrigley Church, Macclesfield