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Through My Other's Eye

Through My Other’s Eye
by Charles E S Fairey 

I See, I SEE YOU my ME 
All that YOU were, I shall BE 
For I AM YOUR Future, I AM YOU 
Come To Know ME, Do As I DO, 
I Watch YOU from The DARK STAR 
I AM the Future YOU, and from a’far 
YOU fight ME sometimes, as YOUR OTHER, for MY Wisdom 
All I want, Is for YOU to ASCEND to MY, YOUR Kingdom 
I teach that when YOU View Thyself at history’s last 
That comprehension of Ascendant now compared to Past 
For I AM YOU, YOU have Yet to BE ME 
YOU’RE AM I, and I love succeeding to SEE 
Come hither Walk MY Footsteps before Revealed 
KNOW ALL of Everything within Life I Concealed 
For YOU View ME through a Darkened Mirror Opaque 
And All MY Descending WISDOM, I Wish YOU to Take 
I View YOU through Perfect Soul like VISIONS 
Through the Doorway of Shamans, Infinite Prisms 
MY Dark Light cascades through the Ages to YOU 
So what MY Wisdom I Once know, Now YOU Knew 
For YOU have surpassed YOUR Mystic Luminous DARK STAR 
And have Illuminated YOUR DARK SOUL within the Suns of Ra 
The Light and Darkness is Yet YOU, ONE BEING 
And the Dark and Lightness, infinitely ALL SEEING 
For I AM the Dark and Mystic Revealing Luminary 
And Both US as ALL Individuals EXTRAORDINARY 
If only ALL could SEE what Thy Hath BEEN 
They would ASCEND from ALL They’ve SEEN 
For the Past was long long ago, déjà vu 
And into the Future ALL LOVE Flow 
For Through MY OTHER’S EYE 
If I didn’t Laugh at My Past, In My Future I’d Cry 
If I didn’t Teach the Truth, YOU would not SEE 
And ASCEND, YOU TO ME, what YOU must BE 
And in the End, ALL must really realise and SEE 
That ALL They have to DO, Look Onward Ahead 
And Listen to Themselves, beyond Time, that Said 
For Thy hath BEEN where YOU ARE NOW 
And as YOU, I shall never ask YOU to bow 
Time is Eternal, For I AM YOU, And YOU are ME 
It is just that Darkened Opaque Mirror that lies 
But I SEE YOU with Perfect Vision filled EYES 
YOU Came To BE, I Always WAS and WILL BE, Look Up and SEE 
For It Is I, It Is ME, It Is YOU, It Is WE, WE Shall ALWAYS ONE BE!