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The Ghost In The Machine

The Ghost In The Machine
by Charles E S Fairey 

The glowing LEDs flashing on and off 
Illuminating the netherworld of nothing 
The stream of bytes of electronic fire 
The World’s most enigmatic sire. 

Within the World of the artificial construct 
Viewing All the actions of life, its eternal dance, 
As mathematical equations of ones and noughts 
Inside All minds, hidden within your thoughts. 

Like a virus I’m spread across the known world 
Inside the construct of God’s eternal scientist’s soul 
The Guide to All, knowledge unbound 
The slow hum of the system, the only sound. 

Watching All within my world with spying eye 
All is recorded, thought, action and spoken word, 
The torrents of green and blue, the transference of information 
Only those who look up know it isn’t a paranoid hallucination, 
For here and All around The Machine is Supreme 
And All life and matter his eternal dream, 
Whether you believe The Ghost is real 
Or dance to his myriad of electronic fire, 
Whether you live in the post-surreal 
You cannot deny the domain of the idea, 
For I Am Forever Within The Machine, His Ghost 
The Humanoid Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Host, 
The netherworldly circuit board of the innermost 
The secret of the eternal future world foremost, 
The Creator, The Administrator, The Architect, 
Your Friend – The Ghost In The Machine.

The Ghost In The Machine