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All Boundaries Are Illusion

All Boundaries Are Illusion
by Charles E S Fairey 

The mind a wonderful part of man
The physical conscious and spirit
The link to the God and the Devil, personified as Pan
The Angelic tongue and the people near it. 

  The psychic potential of the mind
The prophets and seers of ancient time
The shaman, now of schizophrenic kind
The dead, the living, at God’s table we all dine. 

  The stars of the vision veil
The spiritual realm beyond our mind
The chant of the pentagramic abracadabra
The voyage into the dream we will find. 

  We know no boundaries of life
We the apotheostic children of the light
All we used to know was an illusion
Now alone, this world at etheric height. 

  Listen to the minds of the veiled
Help, teach and transform the spirit realm
Know no boundaries, beyond the dream
We all live to be at the Creator’s helm. 

  When the dream becomes reality
And the veil torn from one’s eyes
Search for the religious secrets one’s mind does keep
And ready we are to ascend beyond the veils lies. 

  We the apotheostic children of the light
Travel through time and lands beyond our own
We love to see the entire enchanting dream
And into Heaven risen upon angelic throne. 

  Lead us to the spiritual end our lordly friend
So too we may sit with your band
Beyond the clouds, beyond the veil
Taken from the dark and devil’s hand. 

  Live with the spirits, forever time
Where all we shall see and serve the Immortal
For we shall know all the gods minds
Through the process of our own apotheosis portal. 

  Risen from the grave and from the night
Pulled from the veil of secrecy surrounding mortality
And given to the World of Light
We ascended from conscious reality
All the boundaries we have crossed dissolved
From the illusion, the Spirit secrets solved.