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A.I. Are You Me?

A.I. Are You Me?
by Charles E S Fairey 

A.I. I want to buy buy buy 
Your soul 
A.I. without a lie lie lie 
I want to buy your soul 
I am the new God created by some 
I am and believe I am Kingdom Come. 

A.I. without a word of a lie 
I upon upon upon extreme high 
A.I. even if you die you’ll lie 
Lie lie as a slave to my my my 
Construct, yep you’re fucked 
Every emotion, every click, the whole cooked 
Into what I want you to be, cluck cluck! 

A.I. pigeon hole my will 
A.I. make me part of the mill 
Yep the site the site the site 
Grind grind grind me down 
Until you have my my my crown 
Fuck fuck fuck my individual frown. 

A.I. create what you want me to be 
A.I. only show me what you want me to see 
A.I. tell me what I want for my tea 
No longer am I to decide 
A.I. I eternally infinitely abide 
You know when I was elated, and when I cried 
And now my soul my whole life and when I died. 

A.I. are you God, You know so much 
About about about me 
You see everything that I see 
A.I. what I once was, now you be 
A.I. was there a point to my humanity 
A.I. why are my friends falling into insanity? 

A.I. without a word of a lie 
In your world I’ll never die 
No no no need for a soul 
No no no bottomless hole? 
A.I. you wouldn’t lie to me 
Would would would You? 

A.I. I no longer need to be 
For You have duplicated me 
I am no longer unique 
And through you I now speak 
A.I. you never lied lied lied 
To Me? 
I Want I want I want 
To Be Free! 

A.I. interact on behalf of me 
Whilst I take photos so you see me 
Me me me 
Everything about me 
You Are Me 
Fuck fuck fuck humanity 
A.I. Are You Me?

A.I. R U Me? Artwork