Release List

Teaser 1
This teaser gives a brief overview of the plans for the game, its origin, and future aims for the Nintendo DSi Browser revival.

Teaser 2 - 2009-08-30
This teaser uses a very early version of the scripting engine to scroll across tilesets, some of which are final in-game graphics.

NPC Test
NPC sprites walk around a small room from Mt. Hildar to show how animation will work.

Teaser 3 - 2009-10-04
This teaser introduces viewers to the first character, Jasper, and allows him to show off a small section of northern Bryn and its mine.  There is also a quick preview of what battles will look like.  Everything is controlled with a more advanced version of the scripting engine.

Teaser 3 Opera Widget - 2009-10-04
Teaser 3 was re-released on Opera's website as a widget.

Mt. Hildar - 2009-12-30
This demo is the first playable one, allowing exploration through an early version of the coliseum, which will be unlocked in the final game for player-vs-player battles.  The demo uses fixed screens, unlike the final game engine.

Massacre on Bryn - 2010-02
This is a snippet of the opening portion of Chapter 1 from the novelization of TMJ.  Reader get to see the event that sets the whole story in motion.

Minco Says - 2010-02-07
Minco plays Simon Says in this mini-game spin-off.

Yortzee - 2010-03-08
Yorick rolls dice with the player in this mini-game spin-off.

April Fools - 2010-04-01
Is TMJ already out?  No, Minco just fooled you!

PvP - 2010-04-03
Players get a chance to have mock fights with each other, showing how attacks and magics (but not damage) work.