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Village Engine

posted May 5, 2010, 7:56 PM by Daniel Gump   [ updated May 13, 2010, 7:53 PM ]
The next release of TMJ will be at the end of this month.  It will be a demo of Bryn using a new village engine.  Most of the final game will make use of this engine, so it is an integral part of the project and must be done right.  For a successful engine, it must have the following capabilities:

  • Scrolling screens (2x2 screen chunks)
  • Links between screen sections and map areas
  • Transitions between interior/exterior regions without reloading the page
  • Free-roaming NPCs
  • Scripting of actions
  • Multiplayer interactions

Let's shoot for the stars and get it done!

Update May 13th:
I've been reworking an early scrolling engine that I started writing a few months ago.  This will be the basis of the main engine driving most non-battle aspects of the game.

Below show's an in-progress before-and-after of some artwork that ElitePkmn (Kris) sent me a while ago that I'm making into the village of Bryn.  There's still much work to do, but it's taking shape.