1337Speak- The Guide

A site dedicated to pwning. Really, really hard.




Well, if you're here, you want to be 1337, right?  You also want to know how to speak 1337, act 1337, and just be 1337 and pwn n00bs. You'll notice that on this page, I'm speaking almost perfect English. Thats because you're a n00b, and you can't speak 1337 yet. But don't worry, n00b; soon, you'll be on your way to being as 1337 as me! The sidebar'll be in English, since I know you n00bs can't read 1337 yet, can you?

If you're already 1337, (like me), check out the advanced section; I'll be talking about some other 1337 stuff there, so come prepared, n00b. Note that the sidebar for this section is also in English; the 1337 versions were too big to fit in one line. And looking good is part of being 1337, as I'm sure you know by now.

Want to pwn even harder? Check out these sites and podcasts: They are, simply put, 1337.

  • PurePwnage.com - This series of episodes is, quite frankly, the pwnage.        
  • AskANinja.com- A Ninja answering any/every question. Awesome.

And, as a sidenote, since looking good is part of 1337, I need to know; what do you think of the site? Do you like the background? Should I use different looks for each page? What sections would you like to see added?  The frontpage has a flower since it looks more zen... or something. Whatever.

Hit me up at this email. I didn't put it as a link, since spam sites hit up e-mails like that.