• Tunbridge Wells on Saturday Review
I wrote a weekly arts feature for the review section. Some weeks I sourced my own subjects, other weeks I was given a brief. I liaised with PR department and event organisers to set up and conduct interviews by phone and in person. I also sourced pictures to the editor's specifications. Examples include:
Debbie Reynolds (7 March, 2010)
Austen's Women (31 January 2010)
  • Tunbridge Wells on Saturday
On a freelance basis I wrote a general feature each week for the paper. The subject matter was of my choosing, and I used my contacts and local knowledge to find stories that would interest the readership. Topics included social housing schemes, textile artists and local history. Where necessary, I took my own pictures. Examples include:
History of Trinity Theatre (28 February 2010)
Tunbridge Wells Farmers' Market (27 December, 2009)

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I write on various topics for this regional magazine. The editor commissions (or I pitch) an idea, and I set up interviews and organise pictures. As well as longer features, I write shorter 'snippets' and reviews.

Literary magazine 


  • My 100-word story, Vegetative Parenthood, appeared in issue 2,705 of Flashshot.

A Handful of Stones


  • Your Messages, Sarah Salway and Lynne Reese, Bluechrome Publishing (2008).