I am an enthusiastic blogger -- I appreciate the amount of control it gives me in publishing my work; and the ability to reach people all round the world. I can tinker with HTML if I must, but it takes up valuable writing time, so I like the click-to-publish mechanism of blogs.

These links lead off to my blogs. 

Three Beautiful Things
Every day I write about three things that have amused or delighted me. 3BT was intended to be a daily exercise, which is why I kept it short; and the reader I had in mind was someone like me, who worked in an office but would like something to read during a five minute break.

The idea has been picked up by people from all over the planet, has been mentioned in books and articles and the blog itself has a healthy number of readers. I submitted the idea to Long Barn and a book will be out in October 2009.

Once Around the Park
A series of thirty-word accounts of a quarter-mile walk around the park near my home. I described the changing weather, wildlife and the people who use the park.