Clare Grant Editorial Services

I am a flexible and creative wordsmith who is passionate about simple, elegant English. I am based in Tunbridge Wells, England, but I have experience of working remotely and am happy to do so.

I have spent the last 11 years working on a variety of publications, including local papers, a consumer magazine and a business to business website.

Since 2004 I have kept a daily blog, Three Beautiful Things. I came up with the simple, original format, a list of the three best things about the previous day. 

I work hard to keep the content fresh, and to maintain the image of the blog. The format has been picked up by more than 100 other bloggers and it has been mentioned in books, magazines and newspaper articles, most notably the Wise List for Saga magazine in 2007. 

I am keen to put my expertise in this area to good use: can I help you get a blog idea off the ground?