Donate 寄付

If you would like to make a donation to The MUD Project, there are a few options: Direct Deposit to Bank (In Canada or Japan), Credit Card (internationally via Pay Pal), or email money transfer(In Canada). 
Program Coordinator's Note: The MUD Project is not a registered charity, and your donations will not be tax deductible.
日本にいる皆様に、The MUD Projectに寄付をおくりたい場合はふたつな方法があります:銀行振込とクレジットカード(Pay Pal)。詳しくはこの下に書いてあります。

Bank Direct Deposit 銀行振込
In Canada
If you live in Canada and would like to make a donation to the MUD Project, you may do so at any Toronto Dominion Bank Branch. We have set up an account for this purpose.
TD is not a sponsor. (but tell them they could be ;)

Colin J Rennie

TDCT Account Number:
49596341902   (4959 is the branch #, 6341902 is the Account #)

004  (Institution No.)
49593 (Transit No.)  <- If you require a 5 digit number

In Japan 日本での銀行振込 
山形銀行 Yamagata Bank
名前(カタカナ)Name (in katakana)  レニー コリン
金融機関コード Bank Code   0122
お取り引店 Branch Name  県庁支店(けんちょうしてん)tel(023) 631-3191
店番号 Branch Number  113
口座番号 Account Number  3014762

みずほ銀行 Mizuho Bank
名前(カタカナ)Name (in katakana)  レニー コリン ジェームズ
金融機関コード Bank Code   0001
お取り引店 Branch Name  山形支店(やまがたしてん)tel(023) 641-6201
店番号 Branch Number  728
口座番号 Account Number  1088763
Email Money Transfer
You also have the option of sending an email money transfer, if this option is available at your bank. Here is a description of how to do this at TD, check with your bank for to learn more.

Thank you very much for your support and be sure to send Colin a message, so we can give you a shout out from the ground in Japan!


Colin Rennie

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