An Appeal for the People of Japan's North East Coast

Northeastern Japan Still Needs Your Help
Project Manager's Note: This is an appeal to companies and organizations for official sponsorship. The numbers given here are not meant to suggest a minimum donation for individuals who would like to support The MUD Project.  Please Click here if you would like to make a personal donation.
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These photos were taken by a friend on the ground in Ishinomaki, June 18th, 2011.  The road to recovery has only begun. (Photo Credits: Jasmine Li)


So what am I asking for?

I am requesting your sponsorship to help me cover expenses as I vounteer in villages, towns and cities throughout northeastern Japan.

I need funds to buy supplies, equipment, and cover transportation and communications expenses.  

You can become an official MUD Project sponsor for:

$300  - to help keep The MUD Project on the ground for 1 week;

 $600 - to help keep The MUD Project on the ground for 2 weeks;

 $1200 - to help keep The MUD Project on the ground for 4 weeks; 

and so forth.

I am committed to helping the people of Japan's north east coast and have already begun to take on the personal debt required to see that this project succeeds.  Any donations of cash or equipment outside of, or above and beyond the basic sponsorship will lighten my personal debt burden.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Colin Rennie

Project Manager, The MUD Project



Colin Rennie, Project Manager  

By phone  (until July 11th)  902 - 440 - 1798

              (in Japan)   080 - 3533 - 1798

Skype: renniecolin


Colin can be reached at .    


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Please Support The MUD Project

Project Introduction - 1:01 min

Thank you for Visiting The MUD Project Sponsorship Letter Page and for your consideration. (a note from project coordinator, Colin Rennie)

Ideally, I would like to meet with you, but because I am sure you are very busy, I have put together a series of videos explaining The MUD Project, why Atlantic Canadians in particular should care, and what this project can provide to a potential sponsor in terms of value.  The true value, of course, lays in the fact that you are supporting something that will make a difference.  I speak Japanese, I have been to the affected towns and I have many contacts in the region, so I know I can make a difference on the ground.  Your sponsorship helps keep The MUD Project in Japan and in the affected areas.

Project Manager's Note: I often refer to The MUD Project as "we."  Although at this point this is largely a one man operation, many people have contributed thus far and I expect this initiative to continue to grow.

So here the pitch:  (Please click the links below to watch the videos that interest you)


To Begin:

A Fun Video introducing The MUD Project (36 seconds)


Next: About the Project (Please don't watch this first)

What is The MUD Project? (2:22 min)


Finally: The value to you as a potential sponsor (Please don't watch this first)

The MUD Project is not a registered charity, so there has to be value beyond simply being a good cause.

Value from a Marketing and Public Relations Perspective (3:25 min) 



Value from a Human Resources Perspective (1:44min)

A Serious Appeal to the People of Atlantic Canada (1:01 min)


A message in Japanese describing why I am doing this 日本語(1:03 min)


A somewhat emotional description of why I am doing this for my Grandfather (1:23 min)