Gloucestershire Old Spot Morris


Gloucestershire Old Spot Morris Dancers in their final years. This is not how they looked in their heyday (different kit to start with) but pretty good all the same. There is, in existence a documentary on the Gloucester Old Spot Morris: 'Plain Capers', directed by Jon Cousins, which features John Kirkpatrick, The Old Swan Band, Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas, The Café Sol Band, and Brass Monkey


Hunters Moon Border Morris @ Wimborne Folk Festival 2006

website of the Hunters Moon Border Morris 


Chinewrde Clog Morris dancing the Whitby Shindig

Chinewrde Clog Morris at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa dancing in the North West morris tradition.


Stone The Crows Border Morris

Stone The Crows Border Morris, filmed at Chippenham in Wilts. Folk Festival May Bank Holiday 2006


The Mother Of All Morris

Folks A Bunchum

Morris On 1972

Son of Morris On 1976

Grandson of Morris On 2002

Great Grandson of Morris On 2004

Morris On The Road 2005

Morris On The Road 2006

The Mother of All Morris 2007

The Magic Of Morris 2005

The Magic Of Morris 2 2006

Rattlebone and Ploughjack 1976

Womens Morris Sides

West Midlands Morris

The Duck Race 2004

Dancing Days 2004