Dancing Days 2004
A celebration of Music from The Morris














Dancing Days
Chris Leslie

Talking Elephant Records TECD058 CD 2004

Produced by Chris Leslie.


1. Flowers of Edinburgh/ Old Tom of Oxford (Trad)

2. Laudnum Bunches (Headington)/ Orange In Bloom (Sherbourne)/ Banks of the Dee (Longborough) (Trad / Trad/ Trad)

3. Bower Processional (Lichfield) (Traditional)

4. Princess Royal (Adderbury)/ Speed The Plough (Bampton) (Trad)

5. Old Marlborough (Fieldtown) (Traditional)

6. The Dancer (song) (Chris Leslie)

7. Jockey to the Fair (Adderbury)/ Double Jig (Bampton) (Trad/ Trad)

8. Lumps of Plum Pudding (Bledington)/ Bean Setting (Headington)/ Bobbing a Joe (Wheatley) (Trad/ Trad/ Trad)

9. Sweet Jenny Jones (Adderbury) / Brighton Camp (Adderbury)/ Beaux of London City (Adderbury/ Badby) (Trad)

10. Stourton Wake and Jig (Adderbury) (Trad)

11. Haste to the Wedding (Adderbury) / Bluebells of Scotland (Adderbury) / Shepherd's Away (Adderbury) (Trad/ Trad/ Trad)

12. Bumpus O' Stretton (Ilmington) (Trad)

13. Janet Blunt Poem (song) (words: Janet Blunt/ tune: Jamaica)

14. Morning Star (Bledington)/ Getting Upstairs (Headington)/ Wheatley Processional (Wheatley) (Trad/ Trad/ Trad)

15. A Secret (medley *) (Trad)

(* uncredited medley: Shepherd's Hey/ Bluebells of Scotland/ Brighton Camp/ sound of church bells/ Happy the Man (song))

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it's all been said before. 40 years (2007) on and still going from strength to strength. it all comes round. Chris has been with them since 1997
The brainchild of Hugh Crabtree , The Feast of Fiddles consists of seven of the best fiddle players in the country playing with a rock based , backing band. Chris is one of those fiddle players.
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