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....and some people would say that we here at sam-and-lizzie are not all there either, but that's a different story for another occasion, but, you know what?'s his fault, that geezer to your left, you recognise him. He's involved in so much that interests us here at sam-and-lizzie, it's inevitable that our paths cross so often, and none more so that where we're going with this website.Known to many as the father of folk rock, Ashley Hutchings revolutionised English morris dance music in 1971 with the release of his seminal album Morris On. Sequels followed in 1976, 2002 and 2004, with each new project building on the original concept of updating traditional dance music.
 In conjunction with morris/roots fusion enthusiast Simon Care, Hutchings planned and executed the ultimate morris modernisation with the final album in the series which was released in late September 2007. The Mother of All Morris will cover the broadest definition of the term and feature some of the best performers in English dance music including Show of Hands, Eliza Carthy and Saul Rose, John Kirkpatrick and Chris Parkinson, Chris Leslie, Ric Sanders Group, Jim Moray, Jim Causley, Ken Nicol, Ruth Angell, the Minehead Hobby Horse musicians, The Morris On Band, John Spiers, Jon Boden and The Gloworms. The CD will be released on the Talking Elephant record label.
Right....after that babbling and carrying on, this is where you are. A brand new website, sort of. It's a combination of our Complete Morris On website and the aforementioned news of the final "Morris On" album. The new website title is, indeed, The Mother of All Morris, as you can see, we're going to include everything from our original website, plus some other odds and ends of related materials.

The Morris Book by Cecil J. Sharp and Herbert C. Macilwaine (Part 1) 2nd Edition, published by Novello and Company, London, 1912.


The Mother Of All Morris

Folks A Bunchum

Morris On 1972

Son of Morris On 1976

Grandson of Morris On 2002

Great Grandson of Morris On 2004

Morris On The Road 2005

Morris On The Road 2006

The Mother of All Morris 2007

The Magic Of Morris 2005

The Magic Of Morris 2 2006

Rattlebone and Ploughjack 1976

Womens Morris Sides

West Midlands Morris

The Duck Race 2004

Dancing Days 2004



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now this is a wonderful find
author: Lionel Bacon
Some Morris Tunes
 Having trouble with the tunes? Here they all are... well most of them, played by Stephen Wass on a Castagnari Nik (a two row melodeon or button key accordion in the keys of G and D). from the folks at Adderbury Morris....with some divers compostions by Mr Chris Leslie of the renowned musical ensemble Fairport Convention.

Cecil Sharp published this book
 in 1909. This described 18 dances
he had collected during his travels
in search of folk-songs and Morris
and Sword dances.
at The Old Gaol Museum, Buckingham.they sell a number of the Morris On CD's plus The Magic of Morris series plus the Lark Rise to Candleford soundtrack, and other Ashley Hutchings/Judy Dunlop relate musicks are available for purchase here

Part 1
by Cecil Sharp
We have been drawn
to the publication of tunes
and description of the old
English Morris, not primarily
for the information of the
archæologist and scholar,
but to help those who may be
disposed to restore a vigorous
and native custom to its lapsed