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Here I'll explain the history and importance of each of my CDs. 


My First Techno CD - October 2004: My very first exploration into Garageband, using only prerecorded loops. Unfortunately, not many loops or instruments were available, so many songs use the same loops. Therefore, the CD becomes boring to listen to after the first few tracks. This is how I learned the basics of GB, and I'd be nowhere without it. My favorite song was Factory, which can be heard here. (link soon) And thanks to digitalblasphemy.com for the picture.

Video Game Music Volume 1 - November 2004: When I learned about MIDI files, I was eager to find some to use with Garageband. Then I found vgmusic.com, and I went crazy. This is basically just a bunch of MIDI rips, Garageband style. Don't worry, credit is given where credit is due. Includes tunes from Super Smash Bros., Zelda, F-Zero, Banjo-Kazooie, the Kirby series, and much more!

Video Game Music Volume 2 - March 2005: I had so much fun and so many files left over from the first project that I decided to do it again. By now I had Jam Pack 1 for Garageband and more experience, so it sounds better overall. Tracks are also categorized by game rather than randomly dispersed. Source material includes (in order): Zelda series, Final Fantasy I and II, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Sunshine, Kirby Air Ride, Tales of Symphonia, Tetris, and Metroid Prime. 

Ominous Twilight - May 2005: With a new keyboard and what I had learned in Music Tech 1, I was finally ready to compose on my own in December of 2004. Halfway through I got Jam Pack 1 for Garageband, increasing the quality and variety of each track. I can bring back tons of memories from the production process. All the tracks are listed on Soundclick here. This was also my first CD to feature full artwork, shown below (soon).

And CDs in the making:

Ominous Dancefloor: A Legacy Unfolds: An unfinished CD containing only remixes of one of the best songs on Ominous Twilight, Ominous Dancefloor. I started this ages ago, with little progress. If you are interested in doing a remix, please use the Contact page.

The Rainmaker: My next CD will be my best work to date, aided by Jam Pack 2 and Garageband 2. It's been in the works for a while now, but my musical style has been changing around too quickly for it to keep up. I can't decide whether to release it as mostly old songs, or constantly updating it.