Book 2

Nom Nitovas, the Moon of Kirinth


Velotra, Called the Panther,
Human fighter of the Sable Phoenix Tribe.  She snuck into the Mound of the Selenites to recover her tribe's stolen Marble Phoenix.

Jarkeld, The Arctic Fox, Half-Giant who died while buying time for Velotra and Subtle Jack  so they could escape from the Selenite Mound.  He is prophesied to deliver he people from slavery,  Liberty's Lance brought him back to life as a Reverent.

Subtle Jack, Another member of Velotra's crew.  After escaping the Mound, Velotra and Jack were separated as they ran through the jungle.

Zith'Ralti, A sightless Githzerai cenobite who lived beneath the Selenite mound and worshiped an ancient and massive Otyugh he called Lord Charnel.

General Zogg, Gorilla Man who wants to make sure the Marble Phoenix does not return to The Sable Phoenix Tribe.

Auvrikhet, the Mummy Lord, ancient mummy who was once a Deva Invoker to Vogan.  He thinks that Arinah is his long lost love, Sophia.  Liberty's Lance destroyed him after he kidnapped Arinah and planned to turn her into a mummy.

King Kijani, assassinated king of the Gorilla Men.  He was slain during the Githyanki's Operation Albatross.

Queen N'Madi, Bear Shaman queen of the Gorilla Men.

Sergeant El'Zah'Rah, Githyanki Swordmage member of Operation Albatross captured by Liberty's Lance during the assassination of King Kijani. 

Colonel Klyvaar, Githyanki Wizard and commander of Operation Albatross. 

Sergeant D'Keth, Githyanki member of Operation Albatross who fled to the human Bogtangle Tribe.  Killed by Liberty's Lance

Queen Vlaakith CLVIII, Former Queen of the Githyanki, she was slain by Liberty's Lance.  Her real name was Za'zureith.

Prince Jabir, Gorilla Men Ardent, son of Queen N'Madi and King Kijani.  He helped Liberty's Lance rescue Arinah from Auvrikhet, the Mummy Lord.

The Elightened Mother, Mei Hui, Naga queen of the Yuan-Ti people.

Wencheng, Male Abomination Yuan-Ti called the Serpent Seer of Seth, and head cleric of the priesthood of Seth.  Killed by Liberty's Lance.

Ren Shé Xie, Female Halfblood Yuan-Ti Warlord of Qin Xian.  Called The Snake Who Walks Like a Man.

Chui Fa, 11 year-old Yuan-Ti Pureblood girl, nicknamed "Frog".  She has a tattoo on her back with the secret location of the Pyramid of Lies.

Crowfeather, chief of the Sable Phoenix tribe and father to Velotra.

Eothyr, The Master of Tomorrow, Artificer and creator of the Warforged.  He managed to keep himself alive through the years by turning himself into an amalgamation of an Exalted Brain in a Jar and a Warforged.  His plans of conquest were ruined and he was killed by Liberty's Lance.

Duereth Dreadblade, Githyanki Warlock.  He runs a magical curio shop in Tu'narath.  He a member of a group of Githyanki who wish to overthrow Queen Vlaakith CLVIII.

Queen Vlaakith CLIV, Successor to Vlaakith CLVII, She took the throne when Liberty's Lance killed the previous queen.

Prince NeZahr, Ruler of the fallen Celladrian empire.  Previous adventuring companion of Velotra.

Power Groups:

Selenites, Humanoid insects who live west of Gorilla City in a savannah.  They build mounds similar to termites and are rules by powerful Selenite queens.

The Raptor Host, Gorilla Men who ride giant Raptors.  Once led by General Zogg, but when his treachery was discovered, they were were brought under royal rule and purged of those not loyal to the crown.
Operation Albatross, Githyanki military special operations unit tasked with assassinating the king and queen of the Gorilla Men.  They were prevented from killing the queem by Liberty's Lance.
Warforged, unknown to the residents of Nom Nitovas, these ruthless automatons seem cold and heartless compared to those found in the World Empire.
Bogtangle Tribe, Human tribe who live Northeast of Gorilla City.  Their chieftain was under the mental control of a Warforged ally of the Githyanki, Sergeant D'Keth until killed by Liberty's Lance, thus freeing them from his influence.

Sable Phoenix Tribe, Human tribe who live East of Gorilla City.

The Yuan-Ti, Degenerate humans who devoted themselves to Seth, the Serpent God of Death.  As a reward for their devotion, Seth mixed the bloodline of those who revered him with serpents.  Those humans who did not submit to the ritual were left untouched, but marked as slaves to those with serpent features.  Those humans who refused the transformation are the ancestors of the Human Tribesmen who live within the belt of land between Gorilla City and Tu’narath.  Those humans who did participate in the ritual became the Yuan-Ti.  They are divided into 3 main categories:
  • Purebloods appear mostly human, with minor reptilian features, such as slitted eyes, a forked tongue, or patches of scales on their skin. They are the most common of the Yuan-Ti and make up the bulk of their population.
  • Halfbloods are humanoid in shape but have a wide variety of noticeable serpentine features, such as a snakelike tail in place of legs, a complete covering of scales, a hood like a cobra, a snake's head, or snakes in place of arms.
  • Abominations are almost completely snakelike, with only a few human features, such as arms or a humanoid head. They are the most venerated within the yuan-ti society, serving as royalty of the Yuan-Ti.






Savannah of the Selenites, The lands to the west of the jungle where Liberty's Lance entered the center of Kirinth's moon.  The grassy plain is dotted with massive terminte-like mounds housing Selenites, humanoid insect men resembling ants.
Mournhollow, mysterious subterranean ruins between the Savannah of the Selenites and Gorilla City.

Gorilla City, jungle home of the Gorilla Men.  It lies east of the Savannah of the Selenites and west of the Human Tribelands.

Human Tribelands, the land East of Gorilla City and West of Tu'narath.  Occupied by small communities of humans who revere the Primal Spirits.

Qin Xian, Pronounced (chin zhawn), the once great capitol of the Yuan-Ti Empire now lies in ruins after the defeat by the Celladrian Empire.  The empire fell over 350 years ago, but because of the corrupt nature of the Yuan-Ti people, the Celladrians did not allow them to rebuild after the fall of this once powerful empire.  The Yuan-Ti were forced to live in the ruins of their once great city, but to never place one brick upon another.
   This ceased 20 years ago when the Celladrians left their empire to return to their home.  After more than 300 years of forced primitiveness, the Yuan-Ti are slowly trying to restore their civilization.

The Cloisters, Monastic home of the Githzerai.  Grid-like pathways flanked by marble columns surround temples dedicated to every religion of Kirinth can be found here.  It lies South-East of the Human Triblelands and South of Tu'narath.

Sundered Rock, Hidden box canyon where the Sable Phoenix Tribe hides until their totem is returned to them.

Tu'narath, Capital city of the Githyanki kingdom.  Located East of the Human Tribelands along the coast of the Cerulean Sea.

Castle Sussurus, Queen Vlaakith's palace in Tu'narath.  It is constructed from a massive skull of some long dead humanoid with fangs which have been converted into towers guarding the entrance to the castle.

Celladria, The Dreaming City, Island home of the Celladrians.

The Valley of Serpents, the hidden location of the Pyramid of Lies where Belphaghore the Deceiver hides.  Only Velotra, Subtle Jack, and 2 others know it's location.

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