08. CCK11 - Success In A MOOC

The third offering of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge was offered by Stephen Downes, George Siemens and Dave Cormier. It attracted 1131 participants.

By this time we had a much better understanding of how to be successful in a MOOC. The idea is that you, the participant, define what to learn, how to learn, and what defines success.

What is Success in a MOOC?

Success in a MOOC, by Dave Cormier

Tips on being successful

Testimonials/Participant Stories
CCK11 was my second MOOC. I had heard a lot about PLENK and CCK08, so after I finished up with LAK11 I decided to give CCK11 a try.  What I found interesting was the distributed architecture of this course; this was something totally foreign to me as someone who came from traditional online courses.  Sure, I did have a PLE, but that was my PLE, it wasn't a course.  My main concern about the course was finding participant content in a way that didn't involve me looking around for sources and adding them to my RSS reader - that would be too time consuming!  Luckily gRSShopper (which for some reason I initially read as g(oogle) RS Shopper - WTH is google RS and why do I need to shop for it?!) brought participant blog posts, twitter feed, facebook group feeds and delicious/ and diigo bookmarks right into my inbox every day, so participation was a breeze!  This was quite an enjoyable learning experience, thanks both to the technology which made it happen but also fellow participants. I really liked reading (as much as I could) participants views in French, Italian, Dutch and other languages. - Apostolos K.