04. CCK09 - The Students Teach the Course

In CCK09, we offered the same course as the previous year, with roughly the same model. The course had fewer participants - about 800 people.

What was most interesting about CCK09 is that the students from the previous year returned to the course again, and in many cases took over the teaching of the course. They did not ask - they did not need to ask.

Tools students can use to help teach the course

- Google Groups - http://groups.google.com
- Second Life and OpenSim - 3D environments

How to encourage students to teach the course

Student-Led Learning in Traditional Classes - The Fisch Flip

The ides of the 'Fisch Flip' is that students watch videos, read books, and otherwise receive instruction on their own time, outside of class, and then bring their knowledge and insight into the class, which is focused on students relating these insights to one another in discussions and other activities.

Wesley Fryer writes: "Colorado teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams were some of the first educators I learned about who are leveraging the power of podcasting, screencasting, and video sharing to “flip” the traditional model of lecture in class and homework at home which predominates in many schools today. In his article “Think Tank: Flip-thinking – the new buzz word sweeping the US” last month for the UK Telegraph, Dan Pink coined the term “the Fisch Flip” for this model: “Lectures at night, homework during the day,” detailing Colorado educator Karl Fisch‘s use of this model. Karl received a spike in blog traffic last month as a result of this mainstream press coverage."

Idea: Student-Led Conferences

Here's a brief article: More parents show up for student-led conferences