11. DS106 - Course Assignments and Digital Media

The DS106 course, offered twice in 2011, was an explosion of creativity and artistry. The topic of the course was 'Digital Storytelling' and involved public contributions in the definition of course assignments and in participation in these assignments.

The course was innovative not only in the scale and type of assignments, but also in the tools and methods used to support these assignents.

Sample Digital Storytelling Assignments

- tell a story by editing an image to reflect an iconic movie or story
- create a moving or 'animated' .gif image
- create an audio recording covering a story or event
- create a video documentary

Digital Storytelling Examples

- 30 Amazing Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs. Photos.

Some Supporting Tools
- the combination of Dropbox and DropItToMe to create a file uploading system
- using AudioBoo to create audio recordings

DS106 Radio

Grant Potter created DS106 Radio, which assumed a life of its own. http://ds106.us/ds106-radio/
Stephen Downes's guide to web radio: http://www.downes.ca/post/54731

Alan Levine and the Storybox