The Modern Era is a period of time that goes from the year 1543 (the Fall of Constantinople) or 1492 (The discovery of America) till 1789, The French Revolution.
It's a long period of time that takes the major part of the course if we work in the classical way, so this course we are going to deal with the topic in a different way.

There are 6 topics we want to learn and study in this period of time:
  1. Main events
  2. The economy
  3. Society
  4. Politics
  5. Arts & Culture
So we are going to work in groups, 5 members per group.

Each group is going to work on the aspect asigned, following the guideline you have in this site, and the coursebook.

  • You'll have 3 class hours to find information about the aspect you must develop and undestand it deeply.
  • Once you have enough information, you must organize it and insert it in this site. (3 class hours)
    Careful!!! It has to be simple, with basic information, you must include a lot of visual devices (pictures, timelines, schemas ... ) so that your mates understand it.
This is important, because on the one hand, the group and its work is going to be assessed by your social sciences teacher, and on the other hand, you'll have an exam on the rest of the aspects of the Modern Era that you haven't worked on. So you are going to prepare this exam from the materials you are going to put in this site.

The Sta. Maria, one of the 3 ships in the voyage of Colombus