SIOP Feature #5

Adaptation of Content to All Levels of Student Proficiency

 The SIOP model recognizes the difficulty in teaching grade-level content to ELLs.  Students still attaining the information may have a difficulty attaining content through reading the textbook or by listening to a lecture.  There are a few methods teachers may use to adapt grade-level texts and resources for use with ELL students:

·         Graphic Organizers: May be used to provide conceptual clarity to abstract information

·         Outlines: Incorporates note taking skills while at the same time drawing learner attention to key details so s/he does not become overwhelmed by dense information

·         Highlighted Texts: A form of adapted texts where the key vocabulary, information, and ideas are highlighted.  Students are encouraged to read only the highlighted portions.

·         Taped Texts: Important portions or the entire texts are recorded, allowing students to hear information presented rather than struggling through reading information. This method may also help benefit the student by improving reading and fluency.

·         Native Language Texts: For newcomer students who are fluent in their native language, students may read native language texts to attain content information in an accessible manner.