SIOP Feature #4

Supplementary Materials Used to a High Degree

In teaching grade-level content to ELL students, it is crucial to use supplementary materials.  Mainstream students may be able to acquire content through more traditional paper-pencil methods, but these methods will not be substantial for ELLs.  The use of the following materials should be considered:

·         Hands-On Manipulatives (i.e. counting chips, base-10 blocks, microscopes, globes and maps, etc.)

·         Realia (i.e. fake money, historical costumes, live insects, etc.)

·         Pictures and Visuals to give visual clues

·         Multimedia and Technology Integration

·         Demonstrations

·         Related books, articles, magazines

·         High-Lo Readers (Adapted texts that give high level information at low readability levels)

·         Other Adapted Texts