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Terms and Conditions

       "The Place to Find the Best Natural and Organic Products for the Inside and Out."


Materials. ModelPoetry.com (all versions ever existing) and all materials that are a part of Model Poetry in any way, including, without limitation: videos; images; design;  wording; content; instructional info.;  audio; layout; designs; advertising copy; trademarks; domain names; trade names; logos; service marks and trade identities; any and all information that may be under copyright t (including source and object code); the whole concept of Model Poetry; the way it's put together, the materials of Model Poetry; and all other materials related to Model Poetry--these materials are owned and controlled by Model Poetry, and its subsidiaries and are protected from unauthorized use, copying and dissemination by copyright, trademark, patent, publicity and other laws, rules, regulations and international treaties. No rights (whether perceived as implied or otherwise) are granted to you. Any and all rights to use any materials are hereby reserved for Model Poetry and/or its subsidiaries. Nothing contained in these Terms will affect, impair, or limit in any way, Model Poetry's rights to exploit fully any or all of the Materials. You acknowledge and agree, by interacting with Model Poetry and using any of its services or products that you will not, directly or indirectly, debate, challenge, aid or abet in debating or challenging the validity or ownership of the materials, or take any action whatsoever against Model Poetry's rights therein, or in breach of, any terms and conditions contained in these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that you will not acquire or claim any rights in the materials, or aid or abet anyone else in doing so.  Again, by using any of Model Poetry's services you acknowledge and agree that Model Poetry will always have ownership of any of the videos, images, ideas, writings, poetry, thoughts, etc. that come from, and out of Model Poetry and that at no time may you own any of the materials of Model Poetry.  Even if you pay to be filmed on any level, Model Poetry still owns any and all filmed, recorded or otherwise developed material.  Model Poetry may lend you materials for use on your site, or on your projects(s) but reserves the right to end that lending period at any time with or without cause.  Any time Model Poetry agrees to film for you, about you, around you, or includes you in any way, Model Poetry will always have sole ownership of its materials and can use them in any way at any time--as well as give or remove a lending of any materials to you at any time.  Even when paid for filming or representation in any way, Model Poetry remains the sole owner of the content that comes forth.

Model Poetry owns all of its videos at all times.

In addition, there are no refunds whatsoever, unless ModelPoetry.com decides your product is not a right fit for our Community and does not want your product on our site.  This decision can be made at any time without explanation.  If it is decided that we do not want to include your product on our site, your payment will be fully refunded as we do have a growing number of companies on our wait-list and would prefer to offer the space to one of the companies hoping to gain a presence in ModelPoetry.com.

In addition, as we are clearly in high demand, we reserve the right to select those companies which we think will be most appealing to our audience and which will advance our viewers in their quest for physical wellness, mental renewal and emotional health.