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    In our country the poor are often marginalized and it is well known that the survival of many poor families depends on earning and consuming on a day-to-day basis. Under such conditions, it can be concluded beyond any doubt that their children are being deprived of education, nutrition and healthy environment. The effect of education in improving socio-economic condition of people is well known. Hence, an important way to reduce this discrepancy is to improve education among the poor masses, preferably through child education. We, the well to do “cream” of our society, must come forward to take an initiative in this matter, if we hope to build a better society for tomorrow. We believe in a far-reaching improvement in education, to stop the wastage of talent among the poor children, bringing them back to our mainstream. We believe that the intellect of children can prosper only under balanced nutrition, improved social awareness, and sound physique and psychology. To achieve these ends, we are coming forward with our agenda of all round education to unleash the dream of a new and improved tomorrow.

    We, the ones who have been able to pursue successful lives, through the opportunities provided by a “traditional” education system, believe that in addition to such traditional means of education, all round social education is important in nurturing the intellect of young minds. Who we are and what we do for a living are irrelevant questions in this respect. What matters most is DO WE WANT TO GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY AND HELP IN IMPROVING IT? Do we care about the poor farmers and labours whose daily toil and sweat are vital to our national economic security, and do we want to give something back to them to improve their lives? By providing monetary help, it may be possible to temporarily alleviate poverty and improve social conditions of the poor for a short term. But we believe that such monetary help will be a far cry from the real solution to this grave problem. We believe that the only way out is to ensure that the right to education of poor children remains unhindered and uncorrupted. These are the thoughts that have brought together some of us to come up with our vision of running a “The Mitra Society (TMS)”. 

    The TMS envisions to improve all round education and awareness of economically backward children. From personal experiences, we have noticed that just getting poor children to attend classes in traditional schools does not always help. The children generally loose impetus over time and are unable to make much progress. Who is to be blamed for their lack of success? Does it depend solely on their socio-economic backwardness? Or are factors like good schools with motivated teachers, educational infrastructure, and physical and psychological health also to be considered as players in the equation? How can we inspire these young minds to improve themselves and to achieve a better future? We are developing concrete plans and methods for taking care of all of the above-mentioned issues.

    We consider the following approaches to be the most important ones in achieving our objectives:

  • Providing all round education to the root of the society.
  • Providing regular health check-up to each and every child on a monthly basis, to monitor any growth deficiencies or health related anomalies.
  • Consulting and implementing advice from psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure the mental health of our children.
  • Providing a rich infrastructure for extracurricular activities like sports, arts and music.