2018 November e-Bytes

Worst Windows 10 version ever? Microsoft's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad October
Google Is Making Android Security Updates Mandatory
How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls
Why You Should Absolutely Use a Password Manager
PCMag Picks the Best Video Editing Software

Worst Windows 10 version ever? Microsoft's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad October

Microsoft released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update on October 2, then pulled it days later. Now, with November fast approaching, the update has still not been re-released. Where's the problem? And will it happen again?

Google Is Making Android Security Updates Mandatory

Most Android phones get updates, but they don't get very many of them. Google is going to change that.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls

Are you getting too many phone calls from spammers and telemarketers? You can take several steps to battle against those annoying, unknown callers.

Buy a Cable Modem or Rent From Your ISP?

You may be able to save money and get faster speeds by buying a cable modem instead of renting one from your ISP. Here's what you need to know.

Why You Should Absolutely Use a Password Manager

To do passwords right, you need help, because there's no way you can remember a password like g5F*'a-K3+?D^"A8 for every single website. You need a password manager.

PCMag Picks the Best Free Password Managers - Good, strong passwords are hard to remember, so don't bother. Use one of these free services to do it for you.

PCMag Picks the Best Video Editing Software

The ever-increasing availability of devices capable of high-resolution video recording-smartphones, GoPros, DSLRs-and the case for ever more powerful video editing software becomes clear.

Links - News, Tips, & Downloads

How to Download YouTube Videos - Hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every single second. What if you want to download it? In some circles, that's considered a big no-no, but you have your reasons, right? Here's how.

How to See Who's on Your Wi-Fi - Is your internet sluggish? If you suspect a neighbor is stealing your Wi-Fi, these two apps can help you identify devices using your connection and help you boot them off.

How to Ask Alexa to Remember Things - Having trouble keeping track of important dates, where you left your keys, or what you need to bring to the gym? These tips will show you how to use Alexa skills to remember all of the important details in your life.

Must-have tools you need for repairing PCs, smartphones, tablets, and much more

Apple Now Lets You Download Your Personal Data - This week, Apple released a new feature that lets you download all the personal data the company has about you. Google and Facebook already offer such a service, and these files are extremely revealing. Why exactly does your smartphone vendor need all of this personal information? PCMag's Max Eddy explains how these giant tech firms profit from your data and what you can do to protect yourself.

PC Shipments Will Grow for the First Time Since 2012 - Windows 10's constant refreshing and ongoing security concerns are pushing the worldwide market for desktops, laptops, and hybrid PCs to its first year-to-year growth in a long time.

The Best Media Streaming Devices - Who needs cable? We pit the highest-rated streaming boxes and sticks against one another to find out which one is your best bet for watching shows, movies, and more on your television.

Why Amazon's New Echo Dot Has an Edge Over Google's Home Mini - The new Amazon Echo Dot delivers dramatically improved sound, making it an even better buy for an entry-level Alexa speaker.

We found the easiest way to share iPhone photos and videos - Finally, a reason to use iCloud.

How to cover blinking and bright LEDs so you can sleep

Latest Hacker Target: Cell-Phone Accounts

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Q. From a PCC Member Tom Kreuzer - I received a suspicious email in September about an order from the "Apple Order Team". I do have an Apple ID/iTunes account, but have never bought, ordered, or upgraded anything and my understanding is that any purchase would not be from a third party, but to Apple. I received the following in my Hotmail account and I was surprised it was not identified as Spam and moved to that folder. See Image below of email which protects you from the links and attachments.

I did a Google search on the email and found listings from other people, so that confirmed it indeed a scam. The email contains an attached "Invoice" in a Word document. I did not open the attachment, but other people said the document was a bill for $35 for in app purchases from an app. It sounded like the attachment did not contain a virus like some Spam do that can infect you PC. I did not open it and recommend that you never do it either. We all have to be very careful and not open files unless you know them to be safe.

As a test, I forwarded the email to my Gmail account. I was glad to see that Gmail marked it as dangerous and disabled downloading the attachment. See Image below of email.

Another example that made it thru my Outlook account email is below about "Unauthorized login attempt". It is an attempt to get you to click on the "One-time verification" to capture your password and other private info. They lead you to believe that your account will be put on hold unless you click the link and fill in the info.

Be very careful when you open emails or links.

Q. From a PCC Member - Does the Pyle Scanner you showed at the May 2018 meeting work with 110 and 126 slides? Or only 35 mm?
A. From Tom Kreuzer, a PCC Board member.  I comes with 110, 126, 35, and super 8 negative adapter. Since a 110 negative is small and usually a cheaper camera was used, the quality is only as good as the negative. If you have old printed photos of the 110 negatives, you will usually get a better image if you scan in the photo.?

The member replied - I don't have negatives. I have slides from my father, I know nothing about slides.

Tom Kreuzer replies - The scanner slide adapter takes 2" x 2" slides. 126 and 35 slides are 2" x 2". 110 slides are 1 1/4" x 1 1/4", but many people put them into adapters so they could be shown in a standard slide projector or other devices. The adapters let you pop the 110 slide in and out, so you really only need one of the adapters to scan. If you do not have an adapter, you can buy a box of 20 for $5 on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-KODAK-2-x-2-Adapters-for-110-Slides-Made-in-U-S-A/283187005070?

Q. From a PCC Member - For the last several weeks I have been trying to sum a column that I have in a Word document (I wound up retyping the doc) but I do not understand how to do it even using the help button in Word. Something about field codes which I do not understand. 

Also, I cannot find my address book to add a person. 
A. From Tom Kreuzer, a PCC Board member. There are several ways to add a column. One way to sum a column is to use the Word Formula/Function "Sum(Above)" to add the values in the column. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/sum-a-column-or-row-of-numbers-in-a-table-2e373a5f-2d8a-478a-9b85-275c8668bebb

The above link is from doing a Google Search "word total column". Not sure what version of Word you have, it varies how to insert that Formula from version to version. This is not a dynamic Formula, if you change a value in the column you will need to do the Formula again to have it updated. Another way to add a column is to embed a Excel spreadsheet inside a Word document. Another option is to use Excel instead of Word for your entire document.

As far as your address book. Not sure what you were using before since there are lots of local or network software links that can do address books. Do you recall anything about what you were using? Personally I recommend people use Google Gmail for their mail and Google Contacts for their address book "Contacts". This makes your Contacts available on your PC desktop, Tablet, Laptop, or Phone and stored in the Google cloud. You can get to Contacts from may places or create a bookmark on a PC, below is one way.

Q. From a PCC Member - People have reported to me that they got an e-mail that appeared to be from my (former) 3M e-mail account. If you get this e-mail just delete it. Someone is using my old e-mail address to send it out.

The email containing the malicious attachment has been deleted. This was found by the 3M Mail Gateway service. No further action is required. If you feel this content should not have been removed, contact your local Helpdesk. 

Message Sender: ventas1@sudimex.mx 
Message Subject: 3M Name/US-Corporate/3M/US Invoice is ready 

3M Mail Gateway processing information (may be needed by IT Operations): 
Policy: Inbound Default 
Rule: Anti-Virus 
Virus found: Yara(ws_macro_autoopen_many_short_str_concat)

3M Notice: This communication is from an [EXTERNAL] sender.
If this email looks suspicious, do NOT click or open any links or attachments in the email. To report a suspicious email, click on the Report Phishing - Phishing icon in the Outlook ribbon or follow the instructions below.

A. From Tom Kreuzer, a PCC Board member. Does not look like your 3M email was hacked, they just used your 3M name in the subject to try to get people to read it and then open the attachment with the virus. They could have gotten your 3M name from 100s of places on the internet. It always is good to change your passwords every 12 months just to be safe, nothing you can do to prevent this from happening again.

Also, it is possible to send and email to someone with whatever email as the sender, "Spoofing", using special software and sites. As an example, it could look like it came from Amazon or a bank, but the sending email was never hacked. Again, no way to prevent this, just be aware that email has many issues.

Stay Safe