Welcome to The Minerva Inn.

A warm welcome awaits you from Martin, Shelly and the staff who took over The Minerva in June 2007.

The Minerva is situated in Looe Street, in the Barbican area of Plymouth, located close to the town centre and bus station.

The pub holds live music nights 3 times a week and a Jam night every Thursday, which is free for all budding musicians to sharpen their strings, whistles or vocal chords!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Minerva Inn.

Opening hours

The opening hours have currently changed. Please see the events page for the updated times.

Mon-Wed 11.30am-11pm

Thur&Fri 11.30am-midnight

Sat 12pm-midnight

Sun 1.30pm-10.30pm

tel: 01752 223047