Coming up at the Minerva soon

Guest ales coming up soon!

minerva coming soon.mp4

St Austell "Trelawny"

Cotleigh "Old Hooker"

Summerskills "Tamar Best"

Salcombe "Gold"

Salcombe "Riptide"

Music coming up at the Minerva ;

This Week

 Fri 14th Feb2100Total Stranger
 Sat 15th Feb  2100 Richard James
 Sun 16th Feb  1700
JD & Coke
Mon 17th Feb  2000  Quiz
Thur 20th Feb 2000  Jam Session 
 Fri  21st Feb  2100 Tanisha
 Sat 22nd Feb 2100 Karaoke
Sun 23rd Feb  1700
JD & Coke

Next Week
Mon 24th Feb 2000 Quiz
Thur 27th Feb  2000  Jam Session
 Fri 28th Feb 2100 Christian Sleep
 Sat 29th Feb  2100 Zoe
Sun 1st Mar 1700
JD & Coke
 Mon 2nd Mar 2000 Quiz