Coming up at the Minerva soon

Guest ales coming up soon!

minerva coming soon.mp4

Hanlons "Stormstay"

Cotleigh "40"

Wadworths "Horizon"

Wadsworths "Bowled Over"

Summerskills "Centennial"

Music coming up at the Minerva ;

This Week

 Sat 17th Aug  2100  Richard James
 Sun 18th Aug  1700
JD & Coke 
Mon 19th Aug  2000  Quiz
Thur 22nd Aug 2000  Jam Session 
 Fri  23rd Aug  2100 TBC
 Sat 24th Aug 2100 Stu Hannaford
Sun 25th Aug  1700
JD & Coke

Next Week
Mon 26th Aug 2000 Quiz
Thur 29th Aug  2000 Jam Session 
 Fri 30th Aug 2100 Luke Deakin
 Sat 31st Aug  2100 TBC
Sun 1st Sept 1700
JD & Coke
 Mon 2nd Sept 2000 Quiz