Coming up at the Minerva soon

Guest ales coming up soon!

minerva coming soon.mp4

Pitchfork "St Georges Ale"

St Austell "Silvertip"

Music coming up at the Minerva ;

This Week

 Sat 13th April  2100  The Troubadours
 Sun 14th April  1700
JD & Coke 
Mon 15th April  2000  Quiz
Thur 18th April 2000  Jam Session 
 Fri  19th April  2100 Total Stranger
 Sat 20th April 2100 Stu Hannaford
Sun 21st April  1700
JD & Coke

Next Week
Mon 22nd April
Thur 25th April  2000 Jam Session 
 Fri 26th April 2100 Simon & John
 Sat 27th April  2000 Luke Deakin
Sun 28th April 1700
JD & Coke
 Mon 29th April 2000 Quiz