MINER family history - 1


Some Podkaminer Family History

Once upon a time, in the town of Wishnewitz (Vishnevitz), Ukraine lived a man named HERSH PODKAMINER

Hersh had 2 sons: DAVID & Yakov.

Yakov had 8 children, including Poppa Jack's cousin Bassa (mother of Martin Miner's cousin Albert Jakira)


The other children's names are: Fulick, Fivush, Simpson, Bella, Isaac, Brucher, Israel. (one day this will link to that branch)

DAVID PODKAMINER married CHARNA Lighter, and that's where this story really begins

Podkaminer Family Photo, circa 1918, of:

FR: Fagle, Tunia

MR: Esther, Charna, Frances (...Fenster), David, Jack

BR: Gussie (...Flamer), Helen

If the picture doesn't load, follow the link to Robert Fenster's site.

David came to the U.S. in 1921.

JACK AND GUSSIE came to the U.S. together in August 1928. They arrived from Belgium after a 14 day trip. Above Jack & Gussie, taken 1931.

Esther & Frances arrived in the US in 1930, Charna arrived in 1933.

David & Charna with daughter Tania, 1933.

In 1936 the Podkaminer family changed the name to Miner, with David & Jack taking Podka as a middle name. Though from the Wedding invitation below we see that both kept using it somewhat. Hopefully we'll soon scan some of the Western Union telegrams sent to Jack and Rose on their wedding day. Some said Miner and some said Podkaminer.

ROSE POTACK arrived to Boston and then came to NYC.

JACK AND ROSE met in 1936 at Webster Hall, NYC, at a dance.

They were married in 1937

ROSE POTACK, sister PEARL and brother BERNIE were the children of MAX POTACK AND SARAH YUDOWITZ.

Max & Sarah, Miami 1936.

Sarah Yudowitz was the daughter of YACHEM and PIA YUDOWITZ.

FRANCES married Sidney Fenster.

They had 2 Sons: Harvey & David. David's children are CHET and CINDY. Harvey's 4 kids are Craig, Daniel, Robert and Wendy (thomas - see link to their site)


our story continues...

  many more Miner & Potack family pictures ....

note: HERSH PODKAMINER had a sibling who came to Baltimore in the 1920's, may have taken the name PODOWER and worked in the smoked ham business.