Piya Tan's biodata


Piya Tan (born 1949) is a full-time lay Buddhist teacher- translator living in Singapore. Special interests: early Buddhist Canon, Buddhist psychology and meditation. Current employment: Buddhist consultant; meditation counsellor and therapist.

1970-1990:   Training as an ordained Theravada monk for 20 years
1979:            Learned Insight Meditation from Mahasi Sayadaw himself.
1980s:          Consultant and regular lecturer with Buddhist Studies Team (BUDS) teachers for Buddhist studies in Secondary Schools, Singapore.
1980 on:     Teaches meditation, meditation therapy and related fields.
1992:         Taught meditation at the University of Berkeley, CA, USA, etc.
2003:         Learned Forest Meditation from Ajahn Brahmavamso himself.
2006:        Meditation (deep sleep) courses at the Defence Science Organization, Singapore.

(1) Teaches meditation to corporations: SIA, HP, DSO, Hitachi, JPMorgan, BP, etc.
(2) Regular classes: Brahma Education Centre, NUS Buddhist Society, NTU Buddhist Society, etc.
(3) Personal meditation, counselling and mentoring (at The Minding Centre & house calls).
(4) Research & translation of ancient Indian meditation texts: see http://dharmafarer.googlepages.com.