Proven benefits of meditation

Meditation instructor:  Piya Tan


Research and papers on meditation:

    1. Proven Benefits of Meditation  
    2. Lotus Therapy 
    3. TMC in The Straits Times 
    4. Meditation & mind study
    5. Meditation increase brain size 
    6. Meditation Gives Brain a Charge, Study Finds
    7. Complementary therapy for cancer patients 
    8. Meditation can alter brain structure 
    9. Scientists probe meditation secrets
    10. Brain scientist has a stroke of insight (YouTube)
    11. Meditate to reduce anxiety and increase energy levels 
    12. Performance test: Meditation's impact on alertness
    13. You have 3 brains (meditation helps to integrate and harmonize our brains)
    14. Meditation Goes Beyond The Brain (by Piya Tan)
    15. How  Mindfulness Strengthens Us (by Piya Tan)
    16. Lovingkindness Meditation is simply healing (by Piya Tan)



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