Meditation & the Mind 

Intake 5

The journey into inner stillness


Recommended as foundation for practice especially

if you have learned meditation or plan to take it up.


Course instructor: Piya Tan


Course contents (non-religious)

  • The three brains; scientific studies of meditation;
  • Psychology of meditation; body-mind theory; feeling & emotions;
  • Mental phenomena: the brain during meditation; the mind is more than the brain;
  • Mindfulness in daily life; present moment awareness; focuses on mindfulness;
  • Effective attention & environment; reality, virtual & real;
  • Self-watching, self healing; how the brain heals itself;
  • Meditation methods; guided practice sessions.







Meditation & the Mind

Intake 5:

6 13 20 27 Mar 2010

Day: Saturday

Time: 7.30 - 9.30 pm

Venue: The Minding Centre

Instructor: Piya Tan
Course fees: $120.00 (with course book)

To register for the course:

Call Ratna Lim at 8211 0879, or email Ratna Lim.