Intermediate Meditation Course

 Course Instructor: Piya Tan


What is Intermediate Meditation course?

  • a follow-up to the Beginners' Meditation Course;
  • you will learn many helping meditation methods (see course contents below);
  • you will be able to sit longer at your own pace, with flexible breaks;
  • you will be able to work out a meditation strategy that helps to refine your practice;
  • it give you more variety to your practice to make it interesting and joyful;
  • it prepares you for longer retreats in due course.

Course contents:

  1. Breath meditation (further)
  2. Lovingkindness meditation with the elements
  3. Focuses of mindfulness
  4. The four-element meditation
  5. Body meditation with the elements
  6. Walking meditation with the elements
  7. Perception of space & light
  8. Meditation of feelings

[download course flier.]

Intermediate Meditation Course 2009

Intake 11: 20 & 27 Feb 2010
Day: Saturdays
Time: 7.30 - 9.30 pm 
Course fees: $90 per intake 
Instructor: Piya Tan

To register:

Email: Ratna Lim.

Call: 8211 0879 (ask for Ratna Lim).

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