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Stress Management & Meditation 

 Counselling & therapy 

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Our objective: 

 To teach self-help and people-helping techniques so that you can help yourself and others. A healthy mind (calm and clear) in a healthy body.


COURSES offered by

The Minding Centre

1. Beginners' Meditation Course [Non-religious] (monthly)

2. Intermediate Meditation Course [Non-religious]

3. Buddhist Psychology [Non-religious] 

4. Meditation & the Mind [Non-religious] 

5. Personal Meditation Coaching (One-to-one; by appointment) 

6. Psychology of Death & Living [Non-religious] 

7. Meditation for Children [Non-religious] 

8. Psychology of Emotion [Non-religious]  





    Piya Tan, meditation therapist, was Theravada monk for 20 years, a pioneer in Buddhist counselling.  He has been teaching meditation since the 1980s, and has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, the Defence Science Organization, GMO, SIA, HP, Hitachi, JPMorgan, BP etc.  He is a personal meditation mentor to various individuals and has healed many peopleCurrently, he is translating and teaching early Indian texts on meditation and psychology. He is doing all this for the love of his two young children.