How One Becomes a Writer

If you ask a writer how he became one, you probably would get a unique answer for every one that you ask. Each writer is born to a unique learning environment where his mental and emotional development is allowed to grow. While circumstances differ, one could probably find a pattern or set of conditions that permits a person's writing skills to be developed.

Being born into a family where young children are exposed to episodes of shame and fear would contribute to someone being timid or withdrawn. Incidents of rejection from other close family members could contribute to a person becoming shy and hesitant, fearful of making a mistake and be the center of attention. The method of upbringing used by uninformed parents who impose strict moral and behavioral conduct based on superstition and religious beliefs could result in the child being shy and timid, lacking in vital social skills.

Physical weakness or inferiority could result in the child being unable to stand firm against the threat of violence perpetrated by other children. This could result in the child being fearful and lacking on initiative thus forcing the child to invent desired situations where one is not at the mercy of people in his immediate environment.

Physical violence perpetrated by parents on an already sensitive child could help create imaginary scenarios that a person could use as a means of escaping the pain inflicted by his own parent. Already, the soon to be writer's mind is becoming fertile in the use of words and ideas in the invention of alternative scenarios or wishful thinking that the child makes up to avoid having to face the reality of a difficult situation.

The various undesirable situations make for active thinking, painting more desirable scenarios in the mind of the young child. This develops in him versatility in the use of words which could not be spoken but rather sort of written down in the mind space of the individual. There is a strong emotional component in the images that are created thus enabling the use of concepts and ideas that have strong poetic undertones. Conducting these mental processes require a sophisticated and forceful language ability that helps the child develop skills in the effective articulation and organization of ideas that are essential tools that will prove useful to the emerging writer.

And so in the schools that the future writer attends, he exhibits a strong writing skill, making his written work noticed by the teacher and exhibited to the rest of the class as example of an effective writing style. The style observed is that of an individual who writes from the heart and who uses a more sophisticated approach to articulating his thoughts and ideas. He thus excels in English and Literature in every school that he attends. The image of a future writer has begun to emerge.

But the child's parents are unaware of the writing skills that their child is developing. He is forced to take college courses that he is not intellectually prepared to undertake due to poor training and lack of more advanced educational facilities in his earlier education. The student is then forced to shift his educational goal into one that involves the writing skill. He ends up graduating with a degree in English, Literature or Journalism. His being a writer is now thus formally confirmed.

He starts working and uses his writing skill to earn a living. He gradually goes to writing more complex pieces of work the contents of which are technical in nature. Then he furthers his education to become more knowledgeable in the social sciences, taking a masters degree in administration of organizations. He takes interest in emerging technologies and studies computers and information technology, hoping to become a system professional in the future. However, his technical studies comes too late as he was already approaching the onset of his middle age.

His last regular job lasts for a number of years in a governmental institution. But soon, he loses his job because he oversteps organizational boundaries of behavior while conducting self-improvement to become a better person. And today, he is still writing, using it in developing future income streams from the Internet. He is also into part-time editing and writing work that are earning him a meager income that is unable to sustain a healthy life. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life that resulted in his being broke. But still it is writing that has helped him start all over again, hoping that his income through writing will improve in the future.

Such is how one individual becomes a writer. It is a story that perhaps not frequently repeated, owing to just a small number of individuals that are bestowed with a good writing skill. Perhaps that is the way that God chooses who will become a writer. He gives him mental and emotional challenges that build his skill in the articulation of thoughts and ideas. He lets him suffer the mental and emotional stress that elicits from him a good enough level of writing ability.

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