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We at MiddlePageTechnologies Inc. adopt the latest technologies to ensure that this page always stays in the middle of the World Wide Web: in fact, by constantly monitoring traffic and load, we keep 50% of the pages on our left and the rest on our right. Now that you're in this privileged position, you can calmly decide your next step, or even move to something more useful, like reading a book, playing with your kids, throwing a stick to your dog. And don't forget to bring here your friends!

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Below you can find our patended Middle-Of-Internet Meter: by constantly measuring Internet activities (more than 10000 pages are monitored each second) it shows in real time the position of the center of the Internet. The bright yellow indicator, based on "Get Instant traFfic" technology (G.I.F. for short) is adjusted 20 times per second to provide visually the exact position.

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And now, follow this suggestion to continue your navigation in the rest of the Internet: go to freeComics web site for hours of fun! You'll find a collection of little programs for Mac and Windows to read quickly daily comics or download super-hero wallpapers, without waiting for slow and ad-crammed web pages. Enjoy the software, it’s free. All the comics are free too.

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