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***The Melodic House Renaissance Project***

Main Objective:  To gather fans of this music into a unified community with the sole purpose to hire the Programmers (creators of House music) ourselves to create new, unbelievable House tracks.  We will use an Internet Crowd-Funding model to gather whatever funds are required to get new Remixes / Anthems created!

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Read the rest of this page to get a better idea of what theMHRproject is trying to accomplish and the low-down on the House music industry and what has happened to it since around 2004.

Some of you may have noticed since 2004 or so that the quality of good, decent House music has declined.  Back in the day spanning the years 1997-2004 you could hear a Remix / Anthem from the likes of DJ's Hex Hector, Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhofer, Razor N Guido, Jonathan Peters, Johnny Vicious, Tony Moran, Tracy Young, Thunderpuss etc. and come to expect a certain level of quality in their productions.  The mixes were so good they'd knock you off your feet or give you moments of pause being in the presence of such awesome music!  Don't you all miss those moments?  Today, those types of remixes are nearly non-existent and if any are released they are so few and far between.  There have been a lot of changes to the industry since then.  The circuit parties are not as popular as they once were and a lot of the DJs aren't spinning as much anymore.  Some remain but are not bringing us the great mixes we were used to.

The DJs, in collaboration with special music Producers / Engineers / Keyboardists / Programmers (as they are called), churned out all the unbelievable Club Mixes / Anthems we were all used to and that we are still longing for today. Together, both the DJ and their studio crew had a 50 / 50 role in bringing us all this wonderful music. The DJs would secure funding and bring in remix projects for their team in the studio. While the studio crew would utilize their immense knowledge of music creation involving: chords, melodies, song-writing, musical notes etc. All the ingredients necessary to make unforgettable Club Mixes / Anthems. The DJs would also contribute their own input to the sound of the remixes that were produced.  It is the Programmers we would fund who would create for the community the Remixes / Anthems we've all been craving.  I have already been in touch with several of them and they are very interested in seeing this new funding model become a reality. 

Here are some of the reasons why the melodic style of House music is not quite what it used to be:
  • 1.         Illegal downloading  The labels that invest in a remix expect to recoup a certain amount and if they don't why would they invest in any more remixes?  Plus remixes don't get made for free, as much as we love hearing them and thinking getting them for free is great, there are still people who need to get paid or nothing will be created.  If we love this music we must support it financially or it will go bust, we are nearing that time unless some drastic steps are taken. theMHRproject is taking one of those drastic steps by gathering fans of this music together to once again fund it.
  • 2.         Commissions:  The amount of money needed to create a new remix from scratch.  During 1997-2004 commissions were higher, and higher commissions allowed a Programmer to spend more time in the studio perfecting a remix to its heavenly glory.  Since that time less money has been available for productions and thus Programmers are either spending less time perfecting their mixes, recycling parts of old mixes into new ones or have moved into other areas of the audio industry entirely to earn a living.  Some of them are now composing music for commercials and movie soundtracks.  Commercials!  Can you imagine these talented people being forced to use their rare and coveted skills on making music for commercials when they could still be making wonderful remixes for us all!?!
  • 3.         Vanishing labels  A lot of the tried-and-true House music labels have vanished or are no longer willing to front the money necessary to get high quality remixes delivered.  They were Independent of the Major labels that are still kicking around today and in many cases their only revenue sources were sales of their tracks.  Illegal downloading is what sunk these Independents.  With them gone who will fund further remix production?

With all that said the question then remains:  What can be done to alleviate this situation?  One word:  Crowd-Funding. 

Crowd-Funding is where people with like-minded interests can contribute their own money to a particular project online through sites like Kickstarter.com.  We might even be able to just use Paypal or perhaps something like ChipinHence, The Melodic House Renaissance ProjectIt is high time we had a Renaissance as far as this music is concerned.  It's my dream to build a community here at theMHRproject and then together we all contribute our own money to hire one or more of the Programmers to make a new remix production for US ALL!  With the Internet we have the potential to take this genre by the horns ourselves and get those who have the talent to make US music.  These Programmers will be accountable to US and to no one else.  Things have changed so much in this industry and no longer can we rely solely on the DJs and the labels to secure the funding necessary for new remixes.  We are the ones with all the power to get this music made on our own, collectively.  One person alone couldn't pull this off (unless they had a lot of disposable income) but if, as an example, 1000 of us put in $5 it might be enough to get these Programmers back into their studios to churn out an unbelievable Anthem.  As long as we are willing to fork over some cash for their efforts they will eagerly provide us with Anthem after Anthem.

It's been a dream of mine that this genre and industry would be brought back to what it was like in 1997-2004.  The only thing that has changed in that time is funding.  One could argue that tastes have changed but I truly believe that was due to a lack of these high-quality remixes being made around the time the party ended (so to speak).  Together we can all solve that problem easily.  With the proper funding taken care of all that remains then is to get these remixes made.  The Programmers still have their talents, they are just waiting for the momentum they need to do what they do best.  I believe this is very doable.  We just need people willing to spend some money to help fund the Programmers.  I hope you'll join this community! 

As far as a time frame for initiating a funding project goes, that all depends on how many people decide to join the community and how soon.  When we have a sufficient number and get in touch with a particular Programmer (or more than one) and they specify a rate they want to be paid to deliver a remix then the project will be a go.  The Programmers I've already spoken to are eager to get the ball rollling!

Realistically, we probably won't be able to return to the kind of output there was during 1997-2004.  However, if we were able to raise enough money for a couple projects a year that would still be a massive win for us all!  And depending on how popular this thing gets a lot of new records / remixes could potentially be made.  In the end it really is up to us how successful this venture ends up being.

There are a lot of possibilities this Crowd-Funding model could bring us:

  • 1.         Vocalists  Through community funding we could get several of the well-known House singers back into the Programmers' studios.  Of course there are costs involved in getting a vocalist to travel and paid for his or her singing talents but the Crowd-Funding model would make that possible.
  • 2.         Acapellas  If we could purchase the rights to certain songs we might be able to get acapellas the community could agree on.  Wouldn't that be amazing!?  An acapella is just the vocals of a song with no backing instrumentation.  They are a key ingredient for making a remix, a blank canvas essentially.
  • 3.         Massive Releases  We could get more than one Programmer involved on a single project and have multiple remixes made of an original.  The options are virtually endless.
  • 4.         Collaborations  Who knows, we could get the Programmers to work with a multitude of artists who might have an interest in getting their work remixed, whether their work be new or old.  Again the possibilities are truly endless.  The 'remix' as an art form is virtually unlimited.

As long as we stick together as a community we can get this genre to grow and flourish, perhaps even beyond limits we couldn't even conceive!  I view the situation like this, imagine a massive water-dam holding back all that remix potential.  If funding is the only thing holding back that flood of remixes, then getting these Programmer's funded will unleash that torrent of remixes.  And we need not just do one project, as long as the money flows and the Programmers are willing to work then what is to stop us all!?!?

Other than contributing money to this project through Crowd-Funding when the time comes, please spread the word about this project to your friends and any websites or blogs you follow.  The more people involved the more success this project will achieve.  Together we can make this work and succeed.  Also share my Youtube channel.  I believe my channel will be the focal point to get this project off its feet and into space!  'Like' my Facebook Page and consider joining my forum.  We can use these places to discuss the DJs / Programmers and all the memories and favourite mixes they brought us all over the years, as well as brainstorming potential ideas we all have for what new tracks could be made!  The faster we can spread the word about it, the faster these Programmers can get back to work!  I really hope you'll join me and together we can bring back the music we love!

If any of you want to help me out with this project that would be great.  Anyone with the following skills please get in touch with me:

  • 1.         Website Design.  As you can see this site isn't the best looking or maybe isn't the most effective at getting the word out.  Any help you could offer me, I would be most grateful.
  • 2.         Marketing.  If you have any ideas on how to spread this message and get more people willing to join this community that would be most welcome.
  • 3.         Business Development.  If this project can get off the ground it might need to be turned into a label to become more effective.  Of course the label would focus only on the type of House we all covet and would only involve the most talented Programmers who have effective remix chops.  Who knows, there might be other musicians out there who have the potential to become great House Programmers as well!

Thanks for listening to my proposal!